POWERLIX Compression Knee Sleeve Review

PowerLix Compression Knee Brace Review

Improving your lifestyle is the sole goal of PowerLix, which is why they’ve released a whole line of leg support braces that will transform the way you handle your day to day errands.

PowerLix makes products for those who seek assistance in their personal and professional life but can't find the additional time to improve their lives holistically. Simply by wearing PowerLix Compression Knee Brace, you'll notice a difference in regards to the speed you'll be getting tasks done.

As a result, you feel more internal happiness because you’re able to push your body to perform feats that you thought were no longer possible.

If you’re still torn as to whether or not you should buy the PowerLix Compression Knee Brace, continue reading our review on the product.

PowerLix Compression Knee Brace


Available in Five Sizes: Small-XXL

Comes with High-Performance Fabric

Black & Blue Color Scheme

What’s so special about it?

As we get older, your body doesn’t operate at the same pace it used to. The first signs of aging immediately begin near our legs, more specifically, our knees. Completing everyday tasks suddenly become such a hassle that your lifestyle begins to change as a result.

PowerLix prides itself in being one of the most reliable sellers when it comes to leg support products. The brand is involved in every step of the manufacturing process starting from the design creation. Its performance apparel products have universal use, so it’s no surprise to hear that they are enjoyed by everyone worldwide.

The PowerLix Knee Brace addresses your needs, so you can actively participate in your professional and social life without any holdups. By wearing this knee brace every day, you gradually enhance your lifestyle without having it interfere your daily routine.

Ergonomic Design

Most people hate wearing knee braces because they limit their mobility. PowerLix relies on an ergonomic design that ensures comfort and support without limiting the blood flow to your legs. This knee brace fits exactly to your form thanks to the breathable compression fabric that helps encourage joint stability.

PowerLix's main competition doesn't use the same fabric but instead relies on neoprene. Neoprene sleeves tend to smell and itch once you wear them for an extended period. PowerLix Knee Brace relies on a fabric that absorbs all the excess sweat to keep your leg dry and free of odor.

Most buyers recommend wearing PowerLix Knee Brace for strenuous outdoor activity, especially if you have excruciating knee problems. The four-way compression sleeve works wonders to ensure 360-degree motion and protection.

PowerLix Knee Sleeve relies on a unique knitted practical design that separates it from the competition. It includes two silicone gel strips, which ensures that your knee brace stays in its place. The last thing you need is to readjust your knee sleeve every time you go outside to take a walk.

The problem with generic knee braces is that they don’t blend in well with everyday clothes. PowerLix removes this issue by designing the sleeve to have a black and blue color scheme, which makes it seem as if you’re not wearing a knee brace. You can’t detect it underneath pants, but we wouldn’t advise wearing a short skirt with this knee brace on unless you do it intentionally.

The PowerLix fabric blend gives it the ability to stretch in four directions, making it easy to slip on whenever you need. The fabric is so smooth that you won’t feel a difference wearing it because it’s just as soft as your skin.

Insider Thoughts

Buyers love the affordable yet high-end aesthetic they get with the PowerLix Compression Knee Brace. The special fabric has such a smooth feel to it that has buyers waiting in line ready to order the product.

Another noteworthy mention is PowerLix's one hundred percent money back guarantee that lasts up to six months. This means that at any point during those six months you don't feel satisfied with the knee brace, you can return it and get your money back.



Supports Knee

Breathable Fabric


Difficult to Determine Right Size

Buyer Advice

The only way you’ll have to cash in on that money back guarantee is if you order the wrong size. PowerLix makes it clear that one size does NOT fit all, so you’ll have to figure out your size based on the chart the brand provides.

It's evident that not all bodies are cut the same way so it wouldn't make sense for a compression sleeve to be able to fit various types of body types.

PowerLix leaves clear instructions as to how to determine the proper size. All you have to do is measure the circumference of your knee. Make sure you use the area five inches above your kneecap as a reference point.

The brand leaves a side note stating that their sizes are dependent on data that solely used average compression pressure. This means that even if you follow the sizing directions that PowerLix provides, you still run the risk of ordering the wrong size.

Keep in mind that every sleeve can expand less than 65% percent of its original size. Those of you with thick legs will find this feature helpful. However, if you’re in between two sizes, you should opt out for the smaller one if compression is what you need.

Where can you buy?

Those of you who need a medically approved knee brace without the expensive price tag should look no further than Amazon to order the PowerLix Compression Knee Brace. For less than $20, you no longer need to wince every time you take a step up the stairs at home or work.

Final Thoughts

Knee pain is inevitable, whether it's merely age-related or injury related. You can counteract the effects of constant knee pain by applying a knee brace that properly compressions the surrounding leg area so you can walk around freely.

PowerLix Compression Knee Brace is a go-to item for people dealing with chronic leg pain and doesn't want to have to rely on intrusive methods to address the problem. Instead of relying on cortisone shots, you can improve your leg mobility with this knee brace.

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